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420 Guide

I got 99 Problems but my Ounce Price ain't One!

Cannabis comes in many different strain types, with differing effects to the consumer.   Sativas tend to be more energetic and uplifting, while Indicas tend to be more chill and sedative.  Every strain and batch can be unique and effects can differ for each person.   Here are some of the effects we’ve noticed on a few of our most popular strains.  No matter what “problem” you are looking to cure, at $99, our ounce price won’t be one! Order Now   Hybrids: Girl Scout Cookies, first bred in California, is one of our most potent and popular strains. Although an indica…...

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How Many Joints Are in an Ounce?

When I first moved to California and saw an ounce of weed being sold for $99 I was beside myself. Anything beyond an eighth was a foreign concept – a quantity of weed you simply couldn’t buy in a criminalized, East Coast state. I know a good deal when I see one and pounced on it. Once it was delivered, I spread it all out on the table and thought to myself – “I wonder how many joints I could roll.” So, similar to the owl counting his licks to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop, I started…...

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