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Welcome to Cali Xpress - We are committed to responsible Cannabis Use Are you 21+ (1 oz limit) or 18+ w/ a Medical Card (8 oz limit)?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours of operation?

    • We are delivery ONLY.

We take delivery orders from 10am-9:30pm 7 days a week.

We receive a large number of orders on a daily basis and cover most of the Bay Area!  Orders are typically delivered within 2 hours.  Please call (415)-295-6999 for updates on your order.

Do you deliver to me?

    • Take a look at our full delivery map at the base of our

homepage –

We deliver to the ENTIRE bay area

What is the minimum delivery order?

    Either 1 ounce (outdoor) or 1/2 ounce (indoor) – both are $99.

Do you test your bud?

    Yes, we have all of our bud tested. The distributors take care of the tests and results we receive from them confirm all of our products are pesticide free and both ready &  safe for use!

What is the THC content in your bud?

    We carry the widest spectrum of cannabis flower variations throughout the year.  Our strains are typically of the highest potency available for each strain we offer.  We see the average THC contents ranging from 17-25%.  We can often times carry things lower and higher – passing 30%.

Why do you say it’s $99, when I am paying $120+?

    Unfortunately this year, the state of California has implemented several updated/new tax regulations.  To remain in compliance with the regulations put forth, we must add the taxes on to orders as instructed.

Are you medical or recreational?

    We’re actually both, 8-oz/day limit for medical customers ans 1-oz/day limit for medical.  Different taxes will apply for med vs. rec, so please upload your med card if you have one so that we can give you the appropriate tax adjustment! Or get one right now by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

Where is my order?

    If it’s already been placed, you should have received a text and should be able to follow your driver to see where it is at all times (much like an uber or postmates app) – if you completed your order and never received a text, please call or text us to inquire – (415) 295-6999

What if you don’t have the strain I want?

    • We can help you find another one with a nearly identical experience.  Speak with our bud tenders, they’re very knowledgable and would love to help you discover a new strain that might end up being your new favorite!

We offer a variety of class A strains across:
Hybrid – Sativa Dominant
Hybrid – Indica Dominant

We trust in our tenders and stand behind our bud so much that if you smoke 1/8th or less of the bud and decide it’s not for you, we’ll happily replace it with another ounce of your choosing!

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